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You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to flooring for your residential or commercial space. From hardwood to laminate and tile, it can be difficult to know which option is right for you. While they may not be on your radar right now, carpet tiles have a range of benefits you should be aware of.

An excellent choice for high-traffic spaces and designer-inspired looks, carpet tiles can give you the sophisticated style and long-term durability you’re looking for. Available in dark, light, textured and patterned styles, carpet tiles are also extremely versatile if you’re trying to create a look that’s uniquely yours. Use this guide to learn more about adhesive carpet tiles from BuildDirect.

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles offer a range of benefits over wall to wall carpet or hard flooring materials. Here are some of the benefits you need to know about if you’re considering carpet tiles for your home or place of business:

•   Carpet tiles are cost-effective. Using carpet tiles can save you money compared to many hard flooring options and wall to wall carpeting.

•   Installation is easy. Self-adhesive carpet tiles can generally go right onto a durable, well-maintained subfloor with little preparation. Peel and stick carpet tiles with pads can be put down in a whole room in hours in many cases.

•   They’re durable. Designed to withstand lots of foot traffic in busy spaces, carpet tiles are guaranteed to never fray, zipper or unravel. Individual carpet tiles are easy to remove and replace as needed as well. That means you won’t have to re-do your whole floor due to a spot, spill or stain.

•   Carpet tiles are easy to maintain. Naturally trapping less dirt and debris than other carpet materials, carpet tiles don’t require much deep cleaning. A vacuum is all you’ll need to keep your carpet tiles looking their best in most cases. Extra-durable styles also take to spot cleaning especially well.

•   They offer a ton of flexibility when it comes to design and pattern. Create your own pattern, pick from a range of colors or keep your look simple with neutral styles. You’re only limited by your imagination when you choose carpet tiles.

•   Carpet tiles absorb much more structure-borne sound than hard flooring. This can be particularly important in commercial spaces and busy residential homes.

•   Our carpet tiles are sustainable and made without latex. VOC-free carpet tiles ensure you, your family or your employees and customers don’t breathe in potential toxins.

•   Carpet tiles can be used indoors or outdoors. Make sure you look for outdoor-approved carpet tiles if you’re creating a lounge space, patio area or any other type of outdoor room.

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How to Lay Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are easy to install, making them a first-rate choice for DIY buyers and installations where speed is of the utmost importance. Here are some tips to help you lay your carpet tiles properly:

Step 1:

Make sure your subfloor is in tip-top shape without deep gouges, grades or other damage. A sturdy subfloor ensures a solid installation even if you’re an experienced pro.

Step 2:

Gather the tools you’ll need for the installation. In general, a tape measure, utility or carpet knife, chalk line, cutting may and proper eye protection are all you’ll need.

Step 3:

Inspect all flooring materials before you begin your installation project. Look for damaged or discolored tiles.

Step 4:

Dry lay your tile to see your chosen pattern before sticking your carpet tiles in place. Dry laying is a great way to experiment with different layouts as well.

Step 5:

Begin installation in the center of your room once you’ve decided on the proper layout for your carpet tiles. You can find and mark the center of your room by measuring an equal distance from the wall at both ends and snapping a chalk line into place. Do this in both directions. Where your chalk lines intersect is the ideal starting point.

Step 6:

Install the first tile, taking note of the of the arrows on the back of the carpet tile. You’ll want these arrows to face the in the direction of your desired pattern.

 Step 7:

Continue your installation outward, checking your pattern as you go. In many cases, rotating your tiles 1/4-turn will provide the best look. Make sure your seams are snug. Continue working outward until you reach the final rows.

Step 8:

Measure and cut your carpet tiles before placing the final rows. Most installations will require some cutting to properly fit your room’s square footage.

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FAQs About Carpet Tiles

Still have questions about carpet tiles? Here are a few frequently asked questions we get all the time.

Q: What are carpet tiles made of?

A: Our carpet tiles are made from 100% PET fiber derived from recycled drinking bottles. That means you get ultra-durable, ultra-stylish carpet tiles that are also good for the planet.

Q: Are carpet tiles good for homes with pets?

A: Yes! Carpet tiles are ideal for homes with pets because they’re durable and easy to clean. You can also replace single tiles quickly, easily and at little cost. Buy a few extras when you place your order and you’ll have replacement carpet tiles ready to go.

Q: Where can I use carpet tiles?

A: Carpet tiles can be used almost anywhere since there are many different types available. From commercial carpet squares to basement carpet tiles, this cost-effective, versatile flooring solution is a great choice for every space.

Q: How do I clean carpet tiles?

A: In most cases, a vacuum is all you’ll need for basic cleaning. Spot treating your carpet tiles with water can also help lift stains and keep spills for setting. Most carpet cleaning products are safe for carpet tiles as well. Reach out to us if you’re not sure about using a particular carpet cleaning product.

An excellent choice for home and commercial spaces, carpet tiles are cost-effective, easy to install and ideal for high-traffic spaces. They also offer a range of design possibilities you simply can’t get with wall to wall carpeting or hard flooring. Contact one of our trained representatives to learn more about carpet tiles at BuildDirect. We’re also offering free shipping and 15% off select carpet tile ranges until March 1, 2021. Make the most of this offer today.