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Kitchen Flooring Options

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so you need to pick a material for the floor that’s durable, comfortable and attractive. Here are the best kitchen flooring options around.

Our Favorite Kitchen Flooring Options

kitchen flooring options


Wood flooring provides good durability and an attractive look that won’t go out of style. Cleaning wood is easy too, though you’ll want to find specialized cleaning products that will help sustain the wood’s finish. There are many different types of wood you can choose, which gives you plenty of color options and textures. Stains and finishes can also affect the look of the floor, giving you even more options. Wood floors typically age well and can be refinished several times before any replacement is necessary. The main downside to wood is that it can be significantly damaged by water or changes in moisture and temperature. The types of finishes you use can have an effect on the floor’s durability and water resistance as well.

Another option for wood flooring is wood laminate. This is actually a synthetic material that is made to look like wood. In the past, many wood laminates weren’t convincing, but newer, more high-quality wood laminate can look just like the real thing. Wood laminate is less susceptible to water damage, and is often more affordable than natural wood, making it a great option for a kitchen floor.

stone kitchen floor

Stone Tile

If you’re looking for something that lends your kitchen a classic feel, look no further than stone. Stone has been used on floors since people were first building homes, and the material can add elegance and beauty to your kitchen, according to HomeImprovementPages.com. There are many different types of stone tiles to choose from, each providing its own unique look and texture. Stone is beautiful, and the small variations in the tiles can create depth and color that is not found in any other type of flooring. Cleaning isn’t quite as easy as with wood, but isn’t difficult and you can use almost any cleaning supplies. Stone is very durable and stays nice and cool all summer long – a downside in the winter. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more expensive flooring options available, especially if you choose something like marble or slate.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

If you want stone, but don’t want to pay the stone price, consider ceramic or porcelain tile. While these two are not the same – porcelain is actually a subtype of ceramic tile – they do have similar attributes, with porcelain edging out ceramic in the durability department. Porcelain and ceramic floors are some of the easiest to clean and can handle anything in the cleaning aisle at the supermarket. Both offer a variety of styles, have good water resistance and look great. These two types of tile can be coated in almost any glaze, allowing for a large number of visual options. While not as durable as stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles are always a good choice for the kitchen.

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Vinyl has a reputation as a cheap type of flooring. Home owners don’t typically approach vinyl flooring with much enthusiasm, but most haven’t seen all of the new styles that are available. Vinyl can come in basically any pattern or color and most of the new vinyl flooring options are both attractive and durable. Cleanup is a cinch too, but the best part of this option is the price. Although there are some expensive vinyl flooring options, most are reasonably priced and of good quality. While vinyl is a great option for a kitchen, it can dent, bubble, cup or tear over time. This depends on several factors including installation and use.

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