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How to Keep Up With Home Renovation Trends

If you’re planning to renovate a home for profit, it’s very important to keep up with the latest home renovation trends. While some elements of home renovations will always be the standard, others can come and go with the changing seasons. Before you invest your money in a renovation project, you need to know what’s trending when it comes to décor, finishes, and other components of your property. Read on to discover how you can stay on top of these trends to make your next project a glowing success.

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Resources for Home Renovation Trends

Use Pinterest as a Resource

Pinterest can be a fantastic resource as you’re hunting for the latest home renovation trends. Just make sure that the Pins you look at are current and up to date. One easy way to do this is to follow some of the most popular home design professionals. They typically stay on top of trends and won’t repost old, outdated advice or photos. Sort through the Pins on Pinterest based on your search term, and then look at them from the newest to oldest to help you ensure you’re looking at things that are currently trending. Some words you should consider using when you do your search include modern, trendy, and newest. Add things like “bathroom ideas” or “kitchen renovation” to the terms to help you narrow down your results and get an idea of what you want to do for each individual room.

Follow Décor and Renovation Blogs

There are countless blogs that are fully dedicated to both décor ideas and home renovations. Bookmark some of your favorites, but make sure that they’re continually posting new material. Old blogs with dates that have gone over a year since posting might not give you the best, most up to date advice. A professional décor and renovation blog is tasked with providing its readers with the latest trends. If you follow blogs that are always on top of things, it will be easy to decide which home renovation trends are currently in vogue. If you need help, consider using a content aggregator. This tool will help you sort through and find the latest news on décor and renovation.

Follow Designers on Instagram

When it comes to trends and marketing, Instagram holds the title for the most sought-after photos and tips. Use the app or go on your PC and follow as many home designers as possible. These professionals will post a variety of amazing photographs that can help inspire you for your own renovation. They’ll also mention what the latest trends are in home décor such as new finishes on faucets, the most popular style of artwork, and all the newest flooring trends. Check these Instagram accounts as often as possible so you’re always on top of what’s currently trending and what you can do to make your own flip look amazing.

Search Trends Based on Your Location

The old adage “location, location, location” rings true for real estate sales, and it’s also relevant to the trends in décor and design. Look for things that are trending based on where you are and not just on nationwide platforms. You can do this by simply searching using your market or the nearest major city to help you get a feel for what’s popular in your area. Cities that are located on the coast like New York or Los Angeles are typically more design-forward. You’ll see things like marble countertops, high-end bathtubs and fixtures, and the latest materials for flooring that will increase your resale value. Not only will you see what’s trending for these popular cities, but they also typically set the standard for other parts of the country as they work their way inward. Another tip is to look at current listings in your area and see what has recently sold. Closely examine photos to see if you can spot any trendy updates that may have played a factor in the final sale.

Network with Real Estate Agents

Not only will looking for home renovation trends based on your location give you some great ideas but networking with local real estate agents can also offer you some excellent insight. These pros are extremely familiar with your market and they know exactly the things that buyers are looking for. A professional realtor can help you understand the current market where you live and tell you where you should spend your money as well as areas where you can save. They know which items buyers are excited about versus which ones might be a waste of your money. Another great way to stay on top of the latest trends is to attend some local trade shows. These events usually feature the newest innovations in home décor, design, and technology. It’s also a great way to network with other professionals in your region who can work with you to perform your next renovation.

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Other Ways to Stay On-Trend

It might seem overwhelming as you start to plan out your next renovation project. Some home renovation trends will come and go, but others might be a standard classic that never goes out of style. Be sure to incorporate a few traditional elements of your renovation that you know every potential buyer will appreciate. For example, everyone loves a large walk-in closet in the master bedroom and solid surface countertops in the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to get creative when you do things like choose paint colors or add artwork. Just make sure that your basic color palette isn’t outdated or that your décor pieces aren’t too gaudy or bland. Try to find a middle ground when it comes to renovating and decorating. At the heart of any renovation is a home that will make the new owners feel happy and comfortable for years to come.

When you keep up to date on the most recent home renovation trends, you’ll get a higher return and hopefully, a faster sale. Look online and use tools like blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram to provide you with some great ideas and lots of inspiration. With a little bit of research, you can easily find the newest trends that will help ensure your next renovation project is successful.