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Design Inspiration: Laminate Flooring on Walls

Laminate flooring is designed to be durable and incredibly easy to care for. That’s what makes it a top pick in high-traffic spaces like powder rooms and kitchens. Laminate can be used for more than just floors though.

Using laminate for accent walls, backsplashes and shelving are just a few of the creative ways you can take advantage of durable single or multi-colored laminate flooring in your home. Find your design inspiration today and improve the look of your home without breaking the bank.


Creative Ways to Use Laminate Flooring on Walls

With an assortment of laminate designs that look like wood, tile, natural stone and more, it’s easy to use laminate flooring to add visual depth to your room on the walls. Here are a few ways to update any room with laminate flooring:

  • Create a wood-look accent wall in your bedroom or living room. Try replicating the look of exposed brick for a more industrial-chic style.
  • Use tile-look laminate flooring as a kitchen backsplash. Tile and stone laminate flooring also looks great in bathrooms and around vanities.
  • Give shelves and insets extra depth with textured laminate flooring. Choose from natural stone, wood, tile or even concrete looks to match your décor.
  • Play around with how you install your laminate flooring on the walls. Installing flooring materials sideways can add a unique look to any room.

Laminate Wall Installation Tips

Putting laminate on your walls doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do need to do it correctly for a long-lasting look. Here are some laminate wall installation tips to help you get the job done right:

  • Prepare your walls. Laminate can’t be installed over wallpaper or any type of paneling. Cleaned and properly primed drywall is your best bet.
  • Have your tools handy before you begin. A stud finder, level, chalk, tape measure, caulk gun and adhesive caulk are basic tools you’ll need for most installations.
  • Install your laminate vertically by going up the wall. This will help you create an even look.
  • Plan your layout before you begin. This is essential if you’re creating a textured look or installing multi-colored laminate flooring on your walls.

Benefits of Using Laminate Flooring on Walls

Installing laminate flooring on your walls has a variety of benefits. Here are a few top reasons to consider laminate for your walls:

  • Laminate is extremely durable and easy to clean.
  • Installation is easy. Lightweight laminate doesn’t require years of experience for proper installation.
  • You can use it in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and powder rooms.
  • Laminate is affordable, particularly when compared to materials like wood, tile and stone.

FAQs About Installing Laminate Flooring on Walls

Embossed surface texture, wax coating finish, and variety of colors, this flooring may be a perfect complement to your home. Featuring Lamton Laminate 12mm Summa Collection in Intrepid Nickel. SKU: 15263483

Many people have questions about installing laminate flooring on the walls. Here are a few common questions and answers to help you learn more about the process:

Q: Why is a gap at the walls important?
A: An expansion gap ensures that your laminate can expand and contract with climate changes between seasons.

Q: How wide should the gap be between the laminate flooring and the walls?
A: 1/4-inch is sufficient. An expansion gap of 1/4-inch will allow your laminate to expand and contract with temperature and humidity fluctuations in your home.

Q: How can I make sure the gap is the right width?
A: Check with the manufacturer for specific instructions. We can also help you determine the ideal expansion gap width based on the laminate product you choose.

Q: What can happen if I don’t leave a gap of the right width all the way around?
A: Your laminate can buckle, crack or begin to peel over time. You may begin to see gaps between laminate planks and tiles as well.

Q: How can I hide the expansion gap?
A: Baseboards, beading, transition strips and radiator pipe covers are commonly used to hide the expansion gap from view.

Q: Can you paint laminate flooring?
A: You can paint some types of laminate flooring. However, this process is usually relatively involved. You’ll likely need a heavy-duty sander and primer or specialty paint.

Q: Can you install laminate flooring on shower walls?
A: You can. You’ll need to prime your shower walls, choose the right adhesive and be sure to seal all seams and edges.

Recommended Collections for Installing Laminate on Walls

Carefully textured in Embossed in Register hardwood replication in contemporary yet timeless styles. Featuring Lamton Laminate 12mm Summa Collection in Antique Pearl. SKU: 15263484

Many different types of laminate flooring can be used on your walls. In general, thinner materials are much easier to work with. 8mm laminate flooring is a particularly popular choice for that reason.

 Laminate from the Summa collection is a little thicker, but still quite easy to work with at just 12mm. It’s also available in looks ranging from natural chestnut, which has tons of variation, to more modern concrete-look styles.

Are You Ready to Change the Look of Your Home?

Laminate flooring can work wonders on your walls if you’re ready to update your look. Reach out to our trained representatives today to learn more about installing laminate on walls throughout your home. We can also help you find your ideal look and purchase the correct amount of laminate material for any space.