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What is Distressed Hardwood Flooring?

Distressed Handscraped

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If you’re on the hunt for a unique looking floor, distressed hardwood might be right up your alley. This type of flooring undergoes certain processes to give it more character and an antique, reclaimed look. These processes may involve aging, wire brushing, sculpting, or handscraping the hardwood flooring planks. By doing so, these floors are crafted with enhanced texture and artistry.

The right look

Traditionally, distressed hardwood flooring usually fits in homes with more rustic, country-inspired design styles. More recently though, distressed hardwood floors, particularly handscraped options, are being used in more elegant, contemporary spaces. These floors offer warmth and a rich natural look that transcends design boundaries.

Hand it to handscraped floors

Of all the various distressed hardwood flooring textures, handscraped hardwood floors seem to offer a characteristic unlike any other. This hand crafted style of flooring come in plank designs and colors so rich that they seem to be the main feature of a room. Since they show of the wood’s natural grain patterns and organic appearance, handscraped floors are great for adding an unlikely surprise in a room or for pulling a look together.

How to get the distressed look

There are many prefinished distressed hardwood flooring options available. Since they are prefinished, the distressing has been done beforehand in the factory. With a wide range of designs and species to choose from, finding the right distressed wood floor for your space should be no problem.

Another option to introduce a floor that is truly unique to your home is to purchase regular hardwood flooring and distress it yourself or have a professional do it for you. You may employ various techniques to create a floor that has a personal touch and will reflect your design tastes. If this is the route you choose to take, experience with distressing practices is an absolute must so that you don’t encounter any surprises or disappointment.

Does distressed hardwood flooring have the right look for your space?

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