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Wood Flooring in the Kitchen: Pros and Cons

Wood flooring has long been considered a luxurious way to bring warmth and timeless style to a space. This traditional flooring option isn’t usually considered an appropriate choice for kitchen design because it is highly susceptible to water damage. Before you count beautiful hardwoods out as a flooring option for . . . Read more

Wood Flooring Issues FAQs

Q. My floors are raised at the seams in one or more areas, creating a lump in the floor. What’s happening? A: If your floors even remotely resemble the photo above, it sounds like your floors are suffering from what we call “Peaking” or “Buckling.” This happens in wood and . . . Read more

Wood Flooring FAQ

  Can I install a solid wood floor over a concrete slab? What wood floor can I install over a concrete slab? Can we install a hardwood floor over an existing vinyl floor? What do I do to remove scratches in my wood floor? Can I install a hardwood floor . . . Read more

Wood Flooring Glossary

  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ A top Above Grade Any floor lying on above ground surfaces. Acrylic Impregnated Acrylic is injected into the wood’s cellular structure to increase hardness and strength. Acrylic Urethane A urethane solution made with acrylic to produce the same benefit as a polyurethane coating. Adhesive Glue used to secure . . . Read more