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Unfinished and Pre-finished Hardwood Floors: Two Choices in Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood Floors allow for a lot of variation in terms of what you can get as a solution for your space on the basis of finish alone. But is one more suitable than another?

For minimum fuss and easy installation, pre-finished hardwood is a good choice for those who wish to install their hardwood floor without having to do any sanding or finishing. Pre-finished hardwood floors are therefore ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wishes to save time and bother, and who wishes to enjoy the benefits of a new hardwood floor immediately after it’s installed.

A valued characteristic of unfinished hardwood floors, however, lies in the uniformity of the finish. Pre-finished floors are by definition on a board by board basis, and the finish which seals the board does not seal the minute spaces between individual hardwood planks in the same way. With an unfinished floor, the finish is added over the surface of a hardwood floor as a whole after the boards have been installed. This offers a generally more uniform finish and a somewhat greater moisture-proof seal. Many subcontractors choose to install unfinished hardwood floors for these reasons.

So let’s weigh the options. If you are a homeowner who does not want to vacate your house and would like to do an installation quickly, a pre-finished hardwood floor is an excellent choice. You will not have to deal with the fumes of the finish, or the mess left after the sanding process. If you are a subcontractor, an unfinished floor may allow you to deliver a more uniform finish on the whole floor, along with the added moisture protection the overall sealing process provides. In either case, the beautiful look and feel of the hardwood floor, along with the added structural benefits to your house or office building are certainly benefits you can enjoy for a very long time.

Unfinished Red Oak Flooring

Unfinished Red Oak Flooring

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Prefinished Red Oak Flooring

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  2. I’ am plaing on haveing a new wood floor but in my home and it is on a wooding floor and what I need to know if I put a none finish hardwood flooring over my old flooring would i need to have a moisture proctions

  3. We are looking into getting prefinished wood floors in our home. I have read about the formaldehyde in bamboo floors and was wondering if there are similar concerns with hardwoods, particularly in the finish and/or sealant?

    Thank you

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