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Wood Flooring Issues: Delamination

As gorgeous as hardwood floors are, they’re also expensive, which is why many homeowners opt to install laminated wood flooring instead. Engineered flooring so closely resembles genuine solid wood that it’s practically impossible to tell them apart. Plus, it’s much less expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you can throw it . . . Read more

Wood Flooring Issues FAQs

Q. My floors are raised at the seams in one or more areas, creating a lump in the floor. What’s happening? A: If your floors even remotely resemble the photo above, it sounds like your floors are suffering from what we call “Peaking” or “Buckling.” This happens in wood and . . . Read more

Wood Flooring FAQ

  Can I install a solid wood floor over a concrete slab? What wood floor can I install over a concrete slab? Can we install a hardwood floor over an existing vinyl floor? What do I do to remove scratches in my wood floor? Can I install a hardwood floor . . . Read more

Wood Flooring Glossary

  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ A top Above Grade Any floor lying on above ground surfaces. Acrylic Impregnated Acrylic is injected into the wood’s cellular structure to increase hardness and strength. Acrylic Urethane A urethane solution made with acrylic to produce the same benefit as a polyurethane coating. Adhesive Glue used to secure . . . Read more

Wood Flooring Buying Guide

Wood flooring offers a wide range of species, colors, grains and styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for solid hardwoods, reclaimed woods more than a century old, or the new technology of dimensionally stable engineered woods suitable for any humidity level, BuildDirect has the answer. We have ecologically sustainable . . . Read more

Wood Flooring Buying Checklist

Before you buy wood flooring, there are a few things you should know. What is my budget? Budget is always a major consideration for most families when renovating, and there are several things to think about when considering new flooring. Putting in cheaper flooring may be tempting, but will it . . . Read more

Is Wood Flooring Right for Me?

Many people look to wood flooring to enhance the look and feel of their home, but it is not always the right choice. There are many different types and styles of wood flooring available, and choosing the right one for a home depends on a number of factors. In looking . . . Read more

About Wood Flooring

Wood flooring fills your home with incomparable warmth and enduring beauty that never goes out of style. With hundreds of choices in woods, colors, and finishes available, you are sure to find wood flooring to fit your budget and taste. To discover why wood is the right choice for your . . . Read more