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A Review of Thumbtack Pro for Flooring Installers

The hardest part of being self-employed is sourcing the next job. There are many avenues available today besides word of mouth for attracting new business, and some are definitely better than others.

  • Job boards at local hardware stores
  • Using other trades to refer your services
  • Asking satisfied customers to spread the word
  • Professional services that send you qualified leads for a fee

As a flooring installer, you should be utilizing all of these options. However, a lead generation service should be at the top of your list in this highly competitive marketplace. You can only reach so many potential clients working one contact at a time, so why not take advantage of the internet and television advertising dollars of a service like Thumbtack Pro, to extend your good reputation to an audience that you would otherwise never have access to?

What is Thumbtack Pro?

Thumbtack Pro is an efficient classified database/lead generation service that connects customers for all types of work with qualified contractors. Logging on to Thumbtack Pro’s website, potential clients immediately see what their options are for contractors in their area. 

They are introduced to the database of qualified service providers with a photo, a description of the type of work the contractor is qualified to do and more importantly, a list of verified references that give the customer the peace of mind to move forward and select a contractor to bid on their work. Many of the contractors on Thumbtack Pro’s list have also had a verified background check which can be an important part of some customer’s selection process.

How Does Thumbtack Pro Benefit Flooring Installers?

The biggest advantage Thumbtack Pro gives a flooring installer is exposure. If you do not enjoy a healthy online presence today, the odds of your business growing are greatly reduced. Over 80% of Americans between the ages of 30 and 64 use the internet on a regular basis, and 97% of those looking for services search online. 

Thumbtack Pro’s online presence gives you the market exposure of companies with large advertising budgets without spending the money. They reach the customers you are trying to reach for pennies on the dollar.

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Thumbtack Pro takes much of the guesswork out of finding customers that are looking to have work done now, versus those that are just kicking tires. When a customer comes to Thumbtack Pro’s website, they are asked to fill out some basic information about the type of work they want done and where they live, and they are immediately shown a list of contractors in their area that can bid on the job. 

If they want a flooring installer, your name will come up on the list. Thumbtack Pro will send you an email and you can start a conversation with your potential customer. You don’t pay for the lead ($8-15 on average) unless the customer responds back to you and you are able to give them a quote. That’s a strong advantage over some of the other services in this market that charge for leads upfront and it helps effectively filter out the riff raff.

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How to Find Clients Using Thumbtack Pro

Like any online service that provides potential customers with a list of options, you want to show up on the top of that list. Thumbtack Pro can help you get better rankings by improving your profile on their website. This is easy to do with just a little effort:

  • FIrst, sign up to become a service provider.
  • Build a profile on their site.
  • Have a great photo of you and your team.
  • Promote your profile on their site by agreeing in advance to take certain types of work at a specific rate. Thumbtack Pro likes that and will move you up on the list.
  • Have a list of prices or list an hourly rate.
  • Post great — and honest — reviews. Don’t have any? Get some!
  • Respond to the customer immediately. Great communication gives the customer confidence that you are a professional and someone that can be trusted.

Compared to Other Classified Databases


Craigslist and other free classified ad services are sources for goods and services. However, as far as service providers go, there is no background check of credentials, no photo and no reviews or references that can be verified prior to inviting a prospective contractor into your home. You should be very cautious before using Craigslist.


Gentask is similar to Thumbtack Pro, since it offers customers a platform to connect with contractors in their immediate area and allows the customer and contractor to communicate with each other. It also allows the contractor to track leads and completion rates, among other useful tasks. It has questionable market reach compared to Thumbtack Pro because a simple Google search will not allow website information to load on your desktop. Gentask is more of a mobile app service and many customers will be using their desktop computer to do their research.


Shiftgig is more of an employment agency than a solution for connecting customers with service providers. Thumbtack Pro’s priority is providing contractors, while Shiftgig supports staffing agencies and businesses with large workforces.


Bidwilly seeks to offer low-price handyman solutions to customers but their marketing approach is sub-par. Their website is not customer friendly for the homeowner or the contractor due to a poor layout of the site.


This is a service similar to Thumbtack Pro but with a much smaller reach. NeedTo offers the same services that Thumbtack Pro does but they only average a bit over 600 visits a month. A Google search for “flooring contractor near me” will not yield a result for this company while Thumbtack Pro is listed on page 


TaskRabbit is a solid company, but it is geared more toward folks looking for small jobs and not professional companies that are able to handle larger projects. Tasks that they advertise to help with are delivery, shopping and assembling furniture. Thumbtack Pro, on the other hand, takes on small tasks all the way to general contracting on the construction side and lists other services such as photography and legal services.

Get More Jobs With Thumbtack Pro

Your reputation as a professional flooring installer has established you as the go-to contractor in your local area, but you need a steady flow of leads to grow your business. Thumbtack Pro will put your name in front of qualified customers that want your service and have the ability to pay.

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