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10 Quick Features of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is selected by many homeowners who want a replica or imitation of solid wood floors, with some added benefits. Here is a quick review of the advantages and workability of laminate flooring.

Lamton Laminate – 12mm AC4 – American Ingenuity Collection in Township Oak / SKU: 15270330

10 Features of Laminate That Will Make You Fall in Love

1. It is not real wood but accurately mimics the look and feel of wood.

2. It is highly scratch resistant and also resists extreme impact and wear.

3. Laminate floors are exceptionally stain resistant.

4. Laminate does not fade due to exposure to sunlight.

5. A laminate floor does not need to be waxed or polished.

6. You can use most laminate wood flooring in a multitude of areas around the house.

7. You can use most laminates over radiant heat flooring.

8. You can easily replace laminate planks if initially installed through a common glueless floating method.

9. It is available in a variety designs and is very easy to afix to any type of floor or existing subfloor.

10. With a special underlayment, laminate efficiently reduces the noise of footfalls.

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  1. Is laminate flooring a good option for vacation homes that are not “climate controlled” (for temperature / humidity) during most of the year? (The small print for most engineered hard – wood floors, for example, require maintaining 30-50% humidity in the room …)

  2. Can laminate baseboard molding be painted?
    Also how does laminate molding hold up to wear vs. wood molding?
    Thank you,

  3. I love the floors but no one really knows the best and safest way to clean t hem. I know damp mop then go over lightly with windex. they look good but I would love for them to shine more,
    any advice

  4. Is there anyway to fix a floor that has been faded either from water damage or cleaners? this laminated wood floor is in a bathroom & the damage is in front of a shower stall.

  5. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am wondering if your laminate flooring has been treated with sealer on the edges that lock together to avoid damage of water. I have found that some of the types of laminate flooring have been “dipped” to seal the locking edges in case of water and was wondering about your floors. I have received my samples and have been very impressed with them but need to know this info prior to ordering. Thank you.

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